Frequently Asked Questions!

1.  I have a large family.  Do you paint large family portraits?  YES!  We can paint your family no matter how many members no matter what the setting – we paint them all in great detail and at a very reasonable cost.  Simply contact us for a quote.

2.  Can I modify the painting and change some of the details?  YES!  The BestThaiArtist is an expert at making changes in your painting.  People can be eliminated or added.  Clothing, hair and eye color and/or backgrounds can be changed.  He can even combine two photos to make one painting.  Just tell the BestThaiArtist what you want and …va-va-va-VOOM!

3.  How long will it take to get my painting and will my photo be returned to me?  The BestThaiArtist completes most custom orders in less than four weeks and he always treats your precious photos with the utmost care.  Your photo will be promptly returned to you in pristine condition with your painting! 


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Introducing the BestThaiArtist  worldwide and GROWING…

Authentic, Affordable Artwork      ALWAYS and ALL Ways


About The BestThaiArtist

1.  Who am I?  My name is Jaran Youngmark, better known in art circles as the BestThaiArtist.  I reside in Bangkok, THAILAND.  My art studio is located at Jatujak Market, the world’s largest weekend market.   

2.  What do I do?   I am an internationally recognized artist and I specialize in making authentic, original artwork affordable.  I work with all artistic paints and drawing mediums.  One of my specialties is to compose replica paintings and portraiture from photographs.   I also enjoy doing cartoons and caricatures:   just let me know your desired theme and I will work my whimsical magic for you!

3.  How do you contact me?   You may contact me directly via e-mail at or through my USA representative, Kathy Young, Ph.D. (  You may also visit me on the web at!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Why The BestThaiArtist?

You should order your custom artwork from me because my quality and price cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world. Additionally, our framers, also master craftsmen, specialize in showcasing and protecting your custom artwork at affordable prices.  Simply stated, the BestThaiArtist has garnered an international reputation for providing high quality artwork, worldwide and GROWING, at an affordable price.   With that in mind, I pride myself on the reputation I have developed and, even more importantly, I stand behind my work…

                    … ALWAYS and ALL ways!

Let the BestThaiArtist make an eternal painting out of your favorite photograph…

What Do Other People Say About the BestThaiArtist?

“The BestThaiArtist represents a level of talent that one rarely sees outside of a museum and, best of all, his prices make this kind of artwork affordable to all”  Edgar (

“The quality is superb and everyone raves about them.  I have paintings of my nephews and they look exactly like the original” Valorie (

“We’ve wanted a portrait painted of our family for some time, but the expense of doing this in the US was prohibitive.  …I would highly recommend the BestThaiArtist”                                      Dave (

“I have been pleased with every painting I have had done for my family…Jaran is able to do every detail perfectly down to the twinkle in the eyes”                        Ellen (

Cost Estimates

Costs will vary per specific order.  The following prices are for an oil painting, single figure  (excludes the cost of shipping and painting is unstretched and without a frame):

            Size                  Estimate (USD)

            14” x 18”         $65.00

            16” x 20”         $75.00

            18” x 24”         $90.00

            20” x 28”         $115.00

            24” x 32”         $140.00

            24” x 36”         $175.00


All Custom Artwork Orders Considered!


Framing and Shipping

We strongly recommend that you let the BestThaiArtist and his master craftsmen stretch and frame your treasured artwork since the quality and cost for these services remains unparalleled elsewhere.  Please note:  additional shipping charges apply if your artwork is mailed to you already “framed” – as the courier service from Thailand is an Express Mail Service (this service provides extra care during shipping and requires a signature upon receipt). The BestThaiArtist and his colleagues only want the very best for your original artwork!

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