Left:  3 Fans of the BTA (L-R) Ellen, Kathy and Valorie Hanging out on Labor Day, 2006!

Email From : eorear@ou.edu  I have ordered numerous paintings and have seen a LOT of Jaran's work and can say with total honesty that he is FABULOUS.  Jaran represents a level of talent that one rarely sees outside of a museum.  Best of all, his prices make this kind of artwork affordable to all:  what a way to capture life!  Edgar, USA

Email From:  waldo310@aol.com   I have 3 different pet paintings Jaran did and they are fantastic!  The quality is superb and everyone raves about them.  I also have paintings of my nephews and they look exactly like the original photos.  I am VERY pleased with his work, Jaran truly is a great artist!  Valorie, USA 

Email From:  echats@hotmail.com  I have been pleased with EVERY portrait painting I have had done for my family.....Jaran is able to do every detail perfectly down to the twinkle in the eyes!   Many times the gifts have brought a tear to the eyes!  Thank you, Jaran, for your lovely work!  I look forward to more!   ///Ellen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Email From:  sabatininorman@yahoo.com We've wanted a portrait painted of our family for some time, but the expense of doing this in the US was prohibitive.  Having Jaran paint our family portrait was not only very reasonable, it was quite easy (he used a family picture), and he did an excellent job.  It was a real pleasure working with Jaran.  I would highly recommend him to others.  Dave, USA




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